Photo taken by Chris Blizzard

O2 Academy 2
23rd May 2012

Notes: Shot using my Pentax K1000 on Ilford Delta 3200 film. Shooting digital gives us so many advantages, fast continuous shooting, cleaner high ISO images, being able to check whether you have the shot, or if you need to adjust your settings, being able to take that shot out of the camera and e-mail it to the client in a matter of minutes, etc. All of those reasons are completely valid, and I think you’d have to be a complete idiot (or slightly insane) to go out shooting film all the time. But they’re also all things that mean you should try it at least once. Having limited shots (and having to wind on yourself) means you have to slow down and think about each shot and find the right time to press the shutter. The grain, despite being very obvious, and not great for magazines, is actually (in my eyes) quite charming. If you can’t check if you got the shot then you’re focused on the next one. As for the speed of getting to the client, if you can be your own client, then isn’t it a great feeling when you collect your prints and see what you’ve got?

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