celebrates the art of live music photography.

We hope you enjoy the amazing images we have on the site, both from the archives and most recent posts. There are also interviews with our contributors which will give great insight into life of a professional photographer with some tips & tricks thrown in too.

The photos that are contributed to are not used in any other way than being published on this website and and the copyright for all supplied images belongs to the photographer at all times. The photos may not be used without the correct permissions. If you seek permission to use any of the images on this site the contact details for each photographer are supplied on each post, or email us at and we will contact the photographer on your behalf.

We must also add that we cannot pay for any contributions to this website.

We have some instructions to follow when supplying images to our website. You can email your images to or send us a link to a file sharing website, like Dropbox.

  • There are two sizes available to display your photos: In the main image slider or within the body copy.
  • The main image slider or ‘featured image’ should be supplied at 2,000px wide and landscape. This area is full-width and responsive so please avoid tight crops.
  • Portrait photos and landscape photos will be added into the body copy area and can be any orientation. These are 600px wide.
  • Please restrict the amount of images you supply to around 5 shots per performance.
  • Please supply details of each gig like name of band, date, venue and any notes you want to add like equipment, settings, short review etc. Check out some of our posts to get an idea of how they look.
  • Please also include your contact details and your web links, including social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc as we will add those into the content of each post.
  • Please do not include watermarks or logos on the images you supply. The images will have a link on them in the bottom right corner on each image that links directly to your website or social site (whichever you prefer). Our site is right and left click protected. If you insist on having your watermarks then please make them subtle and not too close to the edges.

If you want to send us your web links prior to becoming a contributor or if you require any further information, please email us at or fill in our contact form.

Oh, and we are on Twitter. More often than not we follow back. We are also on Facebook too.

Thank you, and rock on.