Behind the camera: David Wala

Who are you? David Wala – I am a music photographer based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

How did you get started? I have been interested in music and photography from as long as I can remember.  So decided to turn a hobby into a career.

What’s in the bag? Canon 5D MK II, 24-70mm, 50mm 1.4 and 70-200mm lens

Which photographers do you admire? Music Photographers include Bob Gruen, Danny North, Guy Eppel, Danny Kendall, Ross Halfin, Glen E. Friedman, Ron Pownell and Autumn De Wilde. I love the work of other photographers including the greats such as Walker Evans, William Eggleston, Henri Cartier Bresson – there are so  many I am always looking at photography books for inspiration

Your top 3 tips for music photographers?:

  • Shoot as many gigs as you can wherever you can.
  • Keep practising and learning.
  • Never give up.

My favourite shot is? Currently my favourite shot is of Howler playing at the club La FLeche d’Or 26 May 2012 in Paris. I think it conveys the energy of their live gigs

How can we find out more about you and find more of your work? 


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