Behind the camera: Marianne Chua

Who are you? Hi I’m Marianne Chua, I’m a freelance music, event and wedding photographer living in London. I bought my first digital camera in March 2012 and through a series of fortunate events I’ve photographed the likes of Stevie Wonder, P!nk and Florence + The Machine.

How did you get started? Last year, I was sent to Bestival 2012 on an assignment for’s online magazine. Whilst I was snapping away with my tiny plastic cameras, I also whipped out my d300s and 70-200 2.8 and took advantage of the situation! Following that, I used one of my Bestival photos to win a competition to photograph P!nk at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball.

What’s in the bag? To all jobs, both music and wedding I carry a Nikon D300s, D300, 70-200 2.8, 17-50 2.8, and primes for back up 35 f1.8, 50 f1.4, 85 f1.8. I also use two SB800 flashguns for crowd shots. I’ve got a D700 on its way currently in a postman’s bag somewhere, so that’ll be added to my bag soon.

Which photographers do you admire? This is too hard a question! I’m going to cop out of this one!

Your top 3 tips for music photographers?:

  • Bring a stepladder
  • Get thee a 70-200 2.8. It’s my baby, I wouldn’t be able to take a photo without it
  • Don’t jump in front of anyone else’s shot! It’s bad manners!

My favourite shot is? My favourite shot has got to be this one of Florence Welch. There’s nothing technically special about it, but I loved photographing her and I’d been bouncing off the walls all day waiting to shoot her so this photo just holds nice memories for me!

How can we find out more about you and find more of your work?

Photo credit for the photo of Marianne is to Nathanael Tan.


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