headshotWho are you? My name is Zak Macro. I am a student lighting designer studying in London, so gig photography is my “bit on the side”.

How did you get started? I fell into gig photography because I had a lot of friends in bands who used to play small venues and pubs. As a lighting designer, photography was sort of a natural progression for me because photography is mostly about understanding light! I brought my first DSLR (a Nikon d3100) because I needed some portfolio shots!

What’s in your camera bag? Ear plugs, ear plugs and ear plugs! Seriously, I never go to a gig without them. I have two grab bags that I use when I’m shooting music. The first is a small shoulder bag that just about fits my Nikon D700, a Sigma 24-70mm, a 50mm 1.8, and a 70-300mm! I use the small shoulder bag when I’m shooting in a venue that I know won’t have a pit. My larger bag has all the above along with my d3100, a 35mm lens, a 18-55mm.

Which photographers do you admire? Thats a tough question. There are lots of photographers I “keep tabs” on to see their work on a regular basis! It’s really important to look at other people’s work, but you can also get really bogged down by other people’s “style” of shooting! Having said that, if I had to write a list it would go something like this: Kevin Nixon, Paul Heneker, Patrick Baldwin and Catherine Ashmore. These are four photographers who have shared some small pockets of wisdom with me, and I am very grateful to them!

My favourite shot is? The one (above) taken of King Charles at Koko in London. It’s not the “best” image I have ever taken, but I really love the energy and atmosphere captured in it!

Your top three tips for music photographers:

  1. Be nice to other photographers AND the security staff!
  2. Always bring ear plugs!
  3. When faced with bad lighting rack up your ISO (I’d rather have a sharp noisy photo than a blurry noise-free image!)

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