Who are you? My name is Lucas Page. I’m 24 years old and I’m a Live Music Photographer based in Argentina. I love superhero and alien movies and drinking iced tea in the morning.

How did you get started? It would sound like a movie, but it all started with a dream I had almost 2 years ago. I started to look for a career when I was 18 years old, and I’ve tried graphic design, business administration, I join the navy to be a marine and become part of the UN help forces, and also tried studying international relationships. After 5 years of trying to find something to study in several universities I had this dream that changed it all. The details of the dream are not important, but the message it sent to my head is: “You are not doing what you’re supposed to be doing”. After this I started to dedicate my time a 100% to music (I’ve always been a singer, but never took it seriously).

I started taking singing classes and joined a band named “Wolves” and after a couple of months I decided to have a record of the rehersals in order to practice at home so I bought a camera to film them (Semi Reflex Panasonic FZ-100). After a while the band dissolved and I started being curious about photography so I had long walks in the streets of Buenos Aires taking photos of whatever pleased me or inspire me to do that.

One night I went to “The Roxy Live” pub here in BA and decided to take the camera with me to have some shoots of the band playing that day. When I saw the pictures, I saw something… some spark and instanctly knew I wanted to dedicate my life to it. Both of my passions, music and photography could be mixed and I was ready to do it.

I haven’t stopped since then: first with underground bands in little pubs and then after a long process of learning, practicing and having a Reflex in my hands (Canon T3i) I started in arenas with thousands of people or festivals with international bands.

I’ve dedicated my life to live music photography for a year and a half so far.

What’s in the bag? You can find a Canon T3i Camera with 2 lenses: Canon 50mm f/1.8 and Canon 70-300mm f/4-5 and hopefully will find more in the near future.

Which photographers do you admire? My favourite local photographer is Guido Adler, I saw him when started taking pics in The Roxy Live and I’ve always admired his works and the way he maintains a low profile despite being one of the most well known photographers in Buenos Aires. Internationally I love Todd and Chris Owyoung’s photos. I think they’re great photographer but also very versatile.

Your top 3 tips for music photographers?

  1. Camera is not important. The only thing that matters is shooting with passion and have fun while working.
  2. Always have respect for others (Photographers, bands, fans, security people): first of all because they deserve your respect and secondly because it will be better for you and your reputation in the long term.
  3. Don’t be egocentric. It’s easy to fall in this attitude when you work as a photographer but you have to fight your ego and remember to be humble and respectful for other´s work.

My favourite shot is? I don’t have a favourite shot, there are many good photos but I can say that I have and album that I appreciate the most because it was really hard to shoot it and after all the effort had great benefits. Evanescence performed at the Pepsi Music Festival 2012 in Buenos Aires and it was an awful rainy day and the festival was outdoors (Imagine the mud). I didn’t had a photo pass that day but a friend of mine got me a ticket to go so there I was with my camera covered in nylon bags surrounded by hard fans on my tiptoes and with my girlfriend holding an umbrella for me(really a hard day to shoot). After that I posted the photos and Amy Lee saw them and posted a twitt with my album, she also put it in the official band’s facebook and Twitter and fans from all over the world started to “Like” my page and commenting the pics. Also the bass player Tim McCord used a photo of mine as Twitter profile pic.

Almost 2 months after this, the band’s world tour ended and they decided to post one of my pictures again to thank all of their fans who supported the tour.

All of this filled me with pride and happyness because it gave me an idea of where I stood regarding my work and it was also a big boost for becoming known. I’m very grateful with Evanescence and Amy Lee for doing that and also with Angie Lee (Amy Lee’s cousin) because she contacted me and helped me send some of the pics to the band. She also became a good friend of mine despite the distance.

How can we find out more about you and find more of your work?

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